SAKHI: Gaganyaan Crew’s Lifeline System

India’s ambitious Gaganyaan mission, aiming for a three-day human spaceflight, has received a significant technological boost with the development of SAKHI. This innovative app, designed by the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), acts as a virtual assistant for the crew, offering critical support in various mission-critical areas.

SAKHI: A Feature-Rich Spaceborne Companion

SAKHI, or Space-borne Assistant and Knowledge Hub for Crew Interaction, goes beyond the capabilities of a typical mobile application. It serves as a comprehensive information and support system for astronauts, encompassing:

  • Technical Expertise at Your Fingertips: Imagine needing a specific technical manual or procedure during a critical moment in space. SAKHI eliminates the need for bulky physical documentation onboard by providing instant access to crucial technical manuals and training materials. This ensures astronauts have the information they need readily available to address any technical issues that may arise during the mission.
  • Space Age Health Monitoring: Keeping the crew healthy is paramount during a space mission. SAKHI plays a vital role by facilitating health monitoring. Astronauts can track their vitals and other health data through the app, which then relays this data to medical personnel on the ground. This enables real-time health assessments and ensures timely intervention if needed.
  • Mission Management Made Easy: Picture a mission timeline, objectives, and procedures all accessible in a user-friendly format. SAKHI acts as a mission management tool, providing astronauts with a clear and concise overview of the mission plan. This streamlines operations and ensures everyone on board is on the same page, fostering a smooth and efficient mission flow.
  • Uninterrupted Connection to Earth: Perhaps the most crucial function of SAKHI is facilitating uninterrupted communication. It enables a seamless exchange of information between the crew, the onboard computer, and ground mission control. This ensures the astronauts remain connected to Earth throughout the mission, providing critical support and a vital psychological link to home.

SAKHI: A Pioneering Leap for Indian Spaceflight

The development of SAKHI signifies a significant advancement in Indian space technology. This innovative app not only enhances the safety and efficiency of the Gaganyaan mission but also paves the way for future Indian human space endeavors. By providing a comprehensive and intelligent support system onboard, SAKHI empowers astronauts to perform their duties effectively and confidently, ensuring a successful mission and a historic step forward for Indian space exploration.

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