50-Year Radioactive Battery Arriving in 2025

Imagine never having to charge your phone again. That could soon be a reality, thanks to a groundbreaking nuclear battery developed by a Chinese company. The battery, dubbed BV100, is smaller than a coin and can produce power for up to 50 years without being recharged .

The technology behind the BV100 is based on nuclear decay, a process in which radioactive isotopes emit radiation and transform into more stable elements. The battery uses nickel-63 as its radioactive source, which decays into copper through a beta pathway. The electrons released by this decay are captured by a semiconductor layer and converted into an electric current.

The BV100 has a power output of 100 microwatts and 3 volts, which is enough to power some low-energy devices like sensors or pacemakers. The company behind the battery, Betavolt Technology, plans to mass-produce the battery by the end of this year and introduce a 1 watt version next year, which could potentially power smartphones or drones .

One of the advantages of the BV100 is that it operates safely under extreme conditions, from temperatures of 120 to minus 60 degrees Celsius (248 to minus 76 Fahrenheit), and is resistant to punctures and gunfire without catching fire or exploding . The battery also does not emit external radiation, making it safe for human use.

The BV100 is not the first nuclear battery ever made, but it is the first to achieve the miniaturization of atomic energy and make it available for general purchase. Nuclear batteries have been used for decades in space exploration or remote scientific stations, where long-lasting and reliable power sources are needed. However, they have been bulky, expensive and limited in availability.

The BV100 could revolutionize the fields of energy, communication and defense, as it could enable devices to operate indefinitely without recharging or maintenance. It could also reduce the environmental impact of conventional batteries, which require frequent replacement and disposal.

The BV100 is expected to hit the market in 2025, according to Betavolt Technology. The company has not disclosed the price or availability of the battery yet, but it has said that it has received orders from several countries and industries .

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