Longest Living Dog Breeds: A New Study Reveals

A new study based on data from over half a million dogs in the UK has revealed that small, long-nosed dog breeds tend to live longer than their flat-faced counterparts. The research, which analyzed purebred dogs, found that Lancashire heelers have the longest life expectancy at 15.4 years, followed by Tibetan spaniels (15.2 years) and miniature dachshunds (14 years). On the other hand, medium-sized, flat-faced breeds such as English bulldogs and shih tzus have the shortest lifespans, averaging just 9.1 and 9.6 years respectively.

The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, aimed to help potential dog owners choose a breed that will have a long and healthy life. The authors also highlighted the health and welfare issues faced by flat-faced dogs, which suffer from various breathing, digestion and sleep problems due to their short noses. They urged the public to prioritize health over appearance when selecting a dog breed.

The study also found some surprising results, such as purebred dogs living slightly longer than crossbreeds, and female dogs outliving male dogs by a few months. The researchers said that these findings need further investigation to understand the underlying factors that influence dog longevity.

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