IIT Guwahati Transfers Swine Fever Vaccine Tech to BioMed

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati) has taken a decisive step in safeguarding India’s vital ₹75,000 crore pig farming industry from the devastation of classical swine fever. On March 26, 2024, IIT Guwahati marked a significant milestone by successfully transferring a pioneering vaccine technology, valued at an estimated ₹10 crore, to BioMed Pvt. Ltd., a leading vaccine manufacturer in the country. This innovative vaccine represents the first indigenous recombinant vector vaccine specifically designed to combat the classical swine fever virus in pigs and wild boars.

Combating a Devastating Threat

Classical swine fever is a highly contagious and deadly hemorrhagic disease that wreaks havoc on pig populations. Characterized by high mortality rates of up to 100%, the disease inflicts substantial economic losses on the Indian livestock sector, estimated to be in the billions of rupees annually. The lack of a readily available and effective vaccine has been a major hurdle in containing outbreaks, particularly in the northeastern states, Bihar, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, and Gujarat, where the disease has been frequently reported. IIT Guwahati’s breakthrough vaccine technology offers a glimmer of hope, potentially plugging this critical gap in India’s swine fever prevention strategy.

The Power of Recombinant Vector Technology

The IIT Guwahati vaccine leverages the power of a cutting-edge recombinant vector platform, meticulously researched and refined over several years. This ingenious technology utilizes a modified virus, stripped of its infectious properties, to deliver specific antigens that mimic the swine fever virus. Essentially, the vaccine trains the pig’s immune system to recognize and combat the actual swine fever virus. A key advantage of this approach is that the recombinant vector itself is non-infectious, ensuring the safety of both pigs and humans who come into contact with the vaccine.

Collaboration Ushers in Large-Scale Production

The successful transfer of the technology to BioMed Pvt. Ltd. marks a crucial step towards making the vaccine widely available. BioMed’s established expertise in vaccine manufacturing, with a proven track record of large-scale production, will be instrumental in ensuring the swift and cost-effective production of the vaccine. This large-scale production will enable the vaccine to reach pig farmers across the vast expanse of India, empowering them to protect their herds and livelihoods.

A Beacon of Hope for the Future

This collaborative effort between IIT Guwahati and BioMed Pvt. Ltd. signifies a major leap forward in India’s battle against classical swine fever. The recombinant vector vaccine holds immense promise for safeguarding pig populations nationwide. This, in turn, will contribute significantly to the economic well-being of millions of Indian farmers who depend on pig rearing for their livelihood. The successful development and deployment of this innovative vaccine offer a beacon of hope for a more secure future for India’s swine industry, with the potential to significantly reduce economic losses and ensure a stable supply of pork within the country.

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